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Raising Muslim Children in Modern Times: an Authentic Islamic Approach




To provide parents with practical strategies for raising children that are:  


- spiritually healthy

- physically healthy


so that we might fulfill the trust that Allah, Most High, has given in blessing us with our children.


The course helps parents understand and implement an approach to parenting known as “Boundaries With Kids” which has been recommended by traditional Ulama together with the advice of scholars on Islamic Tarbiyya.


Participants will, insha'Allah, be guided through a detailed understanding of this approach to parenting and how it relates to Islamic Tarbiyya, whilst reflecting on their own real life experiences and challenges in their day-to-day life.


They will insha'Allah come to see the relevance of ahadith and Qur’anic verses to real-life parenting and learn the 10 Boundary Principles and 6 Practical Steps to implementing them with their own children.




This course is made up of 9 sessions in total. Each session has 4 four parts:


Part One: Reflection and Introduction to the Core Concepts


• Reflecting on what we learnt previously and how we tried to use those ideas since the last



• Introducing core concepts for the current session


Part Two: Working with the Core Concepts


• Islamic Tarbiyya and Boundaries with Kids


Part Three: Shared Inquiry based on the Core Reading/Concepts


Part Four: Summary and Assigned Task


• Summarizing what we've learnt this session


• Looking at practical things we can try out


• Reading and Reflection Assignment: things to think about in preparation of the next session

Topics Include:


1.  The Future is Now and so is the Akhirah

2.  Preventive Medicine

3.  The three 'roles' of a parent

4.  Who do our children belong to?

5.  Raising Children with Limits

6.  Indulging children

7.  Teaching limits

8.  What children need to see at home: (a) Truth (b) Unconditional Love (c) Discipline

9.  How to make sure our children are the closest to the Prophet (peace be upon him) in the


10. How to recognise the boundary issues underlying child behavior problems

11. How to set boundaries and establish consequences with your kids

12. How to get out of the "nagging" trap

13. How to stop controlling your kids—and instead help them develop self-control

14. How to apply the ten laws of boundaries to parenting

15. The six practical steps for implementing boundaries with your kids


And success is from Allah.

Raising Muslim children - in modern times


Teacher: Ustadh Munawar (Deenway Montessori School)


Munawar Ali Karim founded the Deenway Montessori School in 2009, where he is currently headmaster (www.deenway.org). Deenway is an independent not-for-profit school which combines the pedagogical insights and methods of Maria Montessori (a Catholic woman who defied expectations about the role of women in 20th century Italian society to become one of the first female doctors in her country), with the rich tapestry and spiritual heritage of the Islamic tradition; to help educate children to fulfill their human potential.


He is also founder of Unicity College—the only Islamic liberal arts secondary school in the country  (www.unicitycollege.org)—offering a rigorous academic and Islamic curriculum side by side.


Munawar is currently working on a number of books, including a work on African Muslim slaves in antebellum America, as well as a forthcoming book for children.


Course Details: 


Date: Saturdays (bi-monthly); first session Sat 1st December 2012- see table for full details.

Time: 2pm-5pm

Venue: Dawson House, 1st Floor, Ladbrooke Road, Chalvery, SL1 2SR (next to YMCA)


**Please note that  this is an interactive course and participants will be expected to contribute in class and complete homework tasks set by the teacher.**


Registration & Fee:


£60 for full course (9 sessions) per person.

£100 for couples (£20 discount).


This course is for brothers and sisters. Register by completing the registration form. Payment must be made to complete your registration for the course. Limited places.  


**Registration for this course is now closed**

Course Dates


1st Dec 2-5pm

15th Dec 2-5pm


05 Jan 2-5pm

19 Jan 2-5pm

02 Feb 2.30-5.30pm  

02 March 2.30-5.30pm

23 March 2.30-5.30pm


20 April 2.30-5.30pm

27 April 2.30-5.30pm