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Course Outline:


This course is part of the nationally acclaimed Path to Salvation (PTS) initiative. PTS is an integrative modular syllabus of traditional Islamic studies, laid out utilising the best of classical and modern curriculum design philosophies. It is currently one of the most comprehensive programmes of Islamic education at foundation level available in the UK. PTS aspires to make authentic classical Islamic knowledge as widely accessible as possible to 21st century English-speaking Muslims. Its curriculum covers all essential Islamic knowledge in a methodical and highly systematic fashion.


This module concerns the crucial subject of good character with the creation of Allah. It explores both the destructive traits (like anger and pride) and the importance of eliminating them, as well as beneficial traits (like compassion and clemency) and the importance of acquiring them


Lessons will be interactive accompanied with full course notes; a detailed question and answer session will accompany each class.


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Course Details:


Date: Every Tuesday (5 lessons + Assessment)

         First session Tuesday 12th August 2014.


Time: 7–9pm


Venue: Dawson House, 1st Floor, Ladbrooke Road, Chalvey, SL1 2SR (next to YMCA)


Registration Fee: £35 (Course packs will be provided)


This course is for brothers and sisters.


Please register by completing the registration form and clicking the payment option.






Ustadh Nasir began his studies in 2002 studying Shafi’i Fiqh and al-Mukhtasar in Aqida. In 2003 during i’tikaf he was told of Shaykh Rasul Baksh Saee’di and the F. R Institute from one of the students and was invited to join a new class. Since then, Ustadh Nasir has progressed considerably in his studies and has covered a number of texts in the higher sciences. He wishes to specialise in the science of hadith and Fiqh.


Currently Ustadh Nasir works as a full time Audiologist and teaches Dars Nizami both at the F. R Institute and online. He is also on the board of teachers for the Path to Salvation Initiative.

Serene Heart - Good Character with creation

Course Dates


12th Aug 2014

19th Aug 2014

26th Aug 2014

2nd Sep 2014

7th Sep 2014

14th Sep 2014 (Assessment)

Registration and Payment details to follow soon