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Event Outline


The Khidma Brothers' Fitness Classes will be launched again for 2012 after a successful 2011. This will involve a variety of fitness, strength and stamina exercises, led weekly by a qualified instructor.


The instructor will provide a highly charged environment and aim to get the most out of each individual to satisfy their personal objectives and those of the overall programme. The programme aims for a gradual rise in fitness levels over the 10 week period; there are four sessions a week and it is up to the individual how many sessions they wish to attend.


Each class varies greatly depending on the objectives of that particular session, which may focus solely on either stamina, strength, boxing techniques, power or endurance. You can expect to be put through your

paces whilst progressing at a pace that suits you.


Entry fee: £5 per hour session for adults and £3.50 for students. Equipment will be provided by the instructor, but for hygiene reasons it is  recommended to purchase your own boxing gloves.


Must be 12+ to take part and be committed to getting fit.



Event Details:


Fridays 8pm -9pm

Saturday's 8pm -9pm

Location: Khidma Building, Chalvey.


Please get into direct contact with khalil if you would like to attend the



Contact: 07869 423807



Any queries should be sent to:  fitness@khidma.org.uk

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