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caught in the web

Ladies join us in our free talk 'Caught in the Web: An exploration of social media and whether you control them or they control you.'


Topics to be covered are:


- Addiction and its cure

- internet relationships

- insecurities and egocentricity

- how to take back your life


Hope to see you there.


Teacher Bio: Ustadha Iffat Rafeeq completed her classical aalimah course in the UK, topping both male and female students in every exam she took! She gained bessings from part time courses under Sheikh Atabec Shukurov Nasafi and Shaykh Burhan. Whilst studying she was appointed a role as a teacher and spiritual counselor for reverts by her ustadh. After graduating she was 1 of 3 students gifted a scholarship for Al Azhar university in Cairo.


Once her Intense Arabic Grammar course was completed she returned to the UK to teach Islamic theology at City Hasanat College, whilst completing her Businesses Management diploma and also continuing to study under the guidance of Shaykh Zain ul Aqtab Siddiqui, at the Suyuti Institute


She is also co-founder of the Dust To Diamonds, a Dawah and counselling organisation, which can be found on YouTube.


Ustadha Iffet has achieved so much in a few years; her only wish is to study, teach, and serve the ummah of Rasulullah sallAllahu 'alayhi.