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Essentials of Islam Course

The EIL course is a modular programme designed to give students a basic foundation in fard al-ayn knowledge, knowledge that is essential for every Muslim to learn. There are four modules, which aim to equip the student with the absolute required knowledge of that particular discipline.


The course is based on a traditional understanding of Sunni doctrine and the Hanafi school of law, and is taught by a traditionally trained and authorised teacher.



So what is unique about this course?


1. Shaykh Tanveer has agreed to deliver an established course over 20 weeks- 2 hours every week.


2. FOUR different Islamic sciences and disciplines, as well as numerous contentious modern day issues.  


3. 20 week course will be broken down into 10 week modules for those who prefer the modular format



A description of each module and its key aims can be seen below.



Money Matters Module

This module is intended to equip students with the knowledge to ensure that their daily financial dealings are legitimate and pleasing to Allah Most High. This unique course is based on both classical and contemporary texts. Students will acquaint themselves with the rules pertaining to Zakah, monetary sadaqa, Udhiyya [qurbani], and the various methods of monetary expiation in Islam. Furthermore, we will look at some of the basic principles of Islamic finance; several contemporary issues will also be covered, such as investing in financial securities and Shariah-compliant financing.



Aqida Module

This module looks at the three dimensions of our ‘Aqida: divinity, prophecy, and eschatology. 'Divinity' takes an in-depth look at the foundational Islamic belief - the Oneness of God. It examines the nature of faith and of the Divine Attributes - what is logically necessary, possible and absurd to attribute to Allah. It also explores the limitations of human understanding of the Divine and interpretation of texts regarding it. 'Prophecy' focuses on belief in the Messengers and what is logically necessary, possible and impossible for the prophets. 'Eschatology' will look at 'Aqida from a scriptural and rational perspective, as well as belief in Angels, the Sacred Scriptures, and the Unseen Worlds.



Sirah Module                                                                          

This module will explore the core events that took place during the life of the Holy Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) and some of the lessons to be learnt from those events. We will briefly study these events in a chronological order, first looking at the life of the Prophet before prophecy, followed by the ‘Makkan period’, and finally the ‘Madinan period’.



Etiquettes Module

The Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) stated in a hadith, related by Imam Ahmed in his Musnad, that: “I was only sent to perfect noble character.” The word ‘ adab' is an Arabic word that means respect and politeness; it encompasses all the good things a Muslim must do. Adab, therefore, includes all that is good- every noble characteristic, habit or trait that is included within the scope of good etiquettes. This module focuses on the etiquettes related to a wide range of matters in our religion - from respecting the Holy Qur’an to eating, walking, hosting guests and so forth.


Monday 27th July 2015

20 week course

2 hours every Monday

Time: 7-9pm


Venue: Langley Academy

Langley Road, Langley,

Berkshire, SL3 7EF



Course price: £120



Discount price £100

for referrals from existing EIL students 

* Required