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About us

the trust

Khidma Community Trust is a non-profit grassroots organisation that was established to address some of the social issues faced by the community of Slough. It utilises the immense talent and array of skills available amongst Slough’s residents for the betterment of society. Through the provision of accessible, structured and balanced educational programmes, in both classical Islamic and contemporary academic disciplines, as well as through organised community outreach programmes, Khidma seeks to redress the imbalance that currently exists in Slough, and meet the community’s needs.

the vision

Khidma’s initiatives are all aimed towards the achievement of sustainable, long term goals; we envision a society in which future generations of Muslims, grounded in Sacred knowledge and spiritually equipped to deal with the challenges of the time, can actively contribute to the community as a whole. With a genuine concern for the well being of others and proud of their heritage, we believe that the Muslim community can play a key role in society. This can be achieved through a provision of services that are inspired by a rich Islamic tradition of giving and benefitting, primarily in three main areas:


1. Educational services that provide a balanced interpretation of the Islamic tradition and

    improve academic competency


2. Community services that reach out to vulnerable groups and offer them a helping hand


3. Building of alliances of cohesion with partners in the community, regardless of affiliation


Khidma seeks to direct its work towards the needs of the community, which, although well established, is currently facing an educational and spiritual vacuum, as well as a number of on going social problems that are preventing its development and social progress.


Khidma aims to tackle some of these prevalent issues, including the community's educational paucities, as well as enhance the religious and spiritual development of its Muslim populace. It also identifies the needs of the women within its vicinity, who form the backbone of the community and have an increasing desire to be involved in education, sports and social welfare without compromising their values and beliefs.

khidma - what it means

Khidma, to attend to the service of others, is the ethos that underpins our organisation. It is an inclusive service that knows no bounds, and is open for all. When a need arises within the community, a dedicated and professional organisation is required to meet such communal challenges. Khidma takes pride in serving the community at large and helping Muslims of all ages and backgrounds learn about their religion and its application in their daily lives, for the benefit of society as a whole.

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Khidma Community Trust strives to serve the residents of Slough by providing quality educational, social, sports and welfare programs, consistent with traditional Islamic principles in order to promote well being, mutual understanding and community cohesion.